Compost Project

Sustainable farming is a continuous cycle. In order to improve the quality of the food we produce we must continue to improve the quality of the soil that feeds our plants.

Here at The Dahlia Farm we rely heavily on compost, manure, plant fiber, coffee chaff, restaurant waste and other organic (carbon-structured) materials as betterments to our soil. In order to grow our farm and feed our soil, we must continue to expand our compost supply.

If you would like to be part of our compost project, please drop us an email or give us a ring. We are looking for household/kitchen waste, restaurant waste, animal waste, manure, shavings, landscape waste, leaves, sawdust, grass clippings and anything similar. There should be nothing that is not bio-degradable or that is chemical-treated. We are interested in deliveries to our compost pile whether it is by the pale-full or by the truck load (if you are a CSA shareholder feel free to drop off a weekly bucket).

If you know a landscaper or restaurant owner be sure to pass this on -- you may even save them money off their dump cost!